3BB WiFi - Package

Package 3BB WiFi

      3BB WiFi is the new altertative for all internet lifestyle. It's the WiFi solution for all customers who need to connect to the internet world everyday every time. You can connect with WiFi enable gadgets such as Notebook, Net book, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and smartphones.

      For WiFi instruction, Turn on your wireless > Select SSID "3BB_WiFi" from available wireless network list> Open internet browser in order to get the login page > Fill in username & password 3BB WiFi offers many wifi package for your preference and usage in both Prepaid Card and Unlimited Monthly package in the value for money pricing.

      ** WiFi doesn't suit for Bit Torrent usage because it 'll impact to the stability of your usage and overall system.
      ** The WiFi range is about 30-100 m. from the WiFi access point , but depended on the limitation of each area.
      ** For logout : www.3bbwifilogout.com or click logout button.

1. AIS Wifi & 3BB WiFi Monthly Package

AIS Wifi & 3BB WiFi Monthly Package

2. dtac wifi & 3BB WiFi Monthly Package


3. 3BB WiFi monthly Unlimited package via SMS


4. 3BB WiFi Monthly package via Online channel (Credit & Debit Card)


5. 3BB WiFi Monthly package via 3BB Shops / Kiosks / Mini Shop


6. 3BB WiFi Monthly package via Bangkok Bank ATM & Bualuang iBanking


7. 3BB WiFi package via mypay


8. 3BB WiFi package via Kapook topup


9. 3BB WiFi package Unlimited monthly package for 3BB customers


10. 3BB WiFi via MOL Money Online


11. 3BB WiFi Monthly package via e-pay


12. 3BB WiFi via Boonterm


13. 3BB WiFi via U Top Up


14. 3BB WiFi via mpay and mpay station


15. 3BB WiFi Prepaid Card